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    School Policies (2014-2015)

    We at Music for Life – Yamaha Music School are committed to providing you with the highest calibre of musical instruction and services possible. In order to ensure optimal performance of our staff and school, we ask that you review the school policies, subject to change without notice:


    We currently  accept cash cheque, or credit card as forms of payment. Tuition can be paid in one instalment (total tuition) or ten instalments (total tuition divided equally over ten months) via post-dated cheques provided in September. We do not accept payment on a month-to-month basis

    Registration fee The registration fee, paid prior to the start of lessons, is a non-refundable, annual fee that covers administrative costs, and a portion of the costs of events & concerts. You may be charged a separate admission fee for special events and concerts.

    Post-dated cheques Post-dated cheques are cashed on or after the 1st day of each month.
    Accounts past due A balance not paid within the first week of the month is considered “past due”. A service charge of $20.00 is added to all NSF “bounced” cheques. Should the account go to collections, you are responsible for any and all collection costs. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SUSPEND STUDENTS FOR NOT PAYING TUITION.Please inform us of any circumstances that may impair you from making required payments.


    Timeslots are assigned based on the student’s and teacher’s availability. We cannot guarantee that it will be possible to change your timeslot later in the year.

    Parents To the benefit of the student, one parent/caregiver per student should be present at each lesson of a group course, especially in the first years of learning, unless otherwise indicated by the teacher

    Siblings Where possible, siblings will be scheduled at concurrent or adjacent times. However, due to the large number of students at the school, it would be difficult to accommodate each family. We can therefore make no guarantee that siblings will be scheduled in this manner. In order to maintain a positive learning environment, siblings are asked to wait in the waiting room during a lesson

    Extra lessons Should extra lessons be required (e.g. for a competition or examination), the instructor and student must first make a request with the school, to ensure that facilities are available, and that additional payment, if required, is resolved. Extra lessons should be kept to a minimum. It is the instructor’s and student’s responsibility to ensure that required preparation can take place within the constraints of the weekly lesson schedule.


    Students have been assigned specific timeslots which are held for them, regardless of their actual attendance. Students therefore have a responsibility to attend their lessons regularly, and report all absences by telephone.

    We understand that, from time to time, situations may arise that prevent students from attending their lesson. However, please realize that the instructors themselves have limited availability, and cannot be expected to provide an infinite amount of make-up lessons. If the timeslot itself is a problem, alternate options can be discussed with the teacher and the school.

    Missed Private Lessons Make-up lessons are offered at the discretion of the instructor and the school, who will take into consideration the circumstances surrounding the absence in question. Neither the instructor nor the school hold an obligation to provide a make-up lesson.

    Missed Group Lessons The teacher will make reasonable effort to provide homework assignments for a lesson missed. Due to the nature of the program, missed group lessons are not made up, although extra help sessions may be scheduled, on the teacher’s own time, if deemed necessary. You may attend a class at the same level, on another day/time. Please contact the school before doing so.

    Cancelled Lessons In the event that the teacher or the school cancel a lesson, you will be informed of an alternate date for the lesson to take place.

    Withdrawal In the event that you wish to withdraw from the program at any time in the year, you are required to submit two week’s written notice to the school. Tuition fees for the remainder of the year will be refunded. Registration and material fees are non-refundable.


    Lesson length & start time Please arrive to your lesson on time. Where possible, we encourage you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the lesson start time, to get settled in. There is a limited amount of time each week in which to cover activities, and in most cases, there is another student scheduled directly after your lesson. Occasionally, for various reasons, your lesson may run a few minutes longer or shorter than scheduled. If this becomes a regular occurrence, please contact the administrator.

    Materials All students are expected to own and bring the required materials to each class. In the interest of copyright law & paper conservation, instructors will provide a minimal number of photocopies in the year.

    Home practice Students are expected to uphold a commitment to regular practice at home. It is up to both the instructor and the students/parents to ensure that this happens. If you are having trouble practicing at home, or if homework assignments are not clear, please contact your instructor for help and practice strategies.

    Updated Monday August 30, 2010.