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Young Musicians Course

for 6-8 year-old beginners

MORE THAN PIANO LESSONS: The Young Musicians Course (YMC) is designed for 6 to 8 year-old beginners. In the spirit of the Yamaha Philosophy, this comprehensive course focuses on developing not just pianists, but well-rounded musicians.

The YMC curriculum includes materials and an approach that are all age-specific, and produce excellent results. Each level centers on a specific theme that will appeal to the children of this age group. The first level, Let’s Go to the Zoo, contains pieces (specifically written for this course) about animals. Students are taught in a natural way to play with attention to expression (e.g. a song about a peacock would sound staccato; a song about a lion would sound forte), in the hope that they will be able to transfer these ideas to their own compositions and future performances.

Ear-training is also an important part of the course, as it will aid the students in future to play music by-ear, improvise, and even compose. Ensemble-playing (playing as a group) also allows students to develop a better sense of rhythm, tempo, balance and even song form, thus deepening their understanding of music. Plus, it’s so fun!

Colourful textbooks, sticker sheets, and beautifully orchestrated music on CD help to inspire the students.

YMC book set Course areas include:

  • Solfege Singing
  • Lyric Song Singing
  • Repertoire
  • Ensemble
  • Harmony & Arrangement
  • Improvisation & Composition
  • Rhythm
  • Music Theory

Each student of YMC completes two levels each year. In the third year of study, students are invited to take the Yamaha Grade Examination, Grade 9 Piano (equivalent to Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 1-2) to confirm their achievements. Graduates of YMC proceed into one of our many specialized group or private programs.

Quick Facts

Required at home

For the first year of YMC, students will need access to a keyboard instrument with at least 61 full-sized touch-sensitive keys. In the subsequent years of the course, a keyboard/piano with 88 fully-weighted keys is strongly recommended, and will help develop technical proficiency

If the student has access to a digital instrument (i.e. electronic keyboard), a variety of instrument sounds and rhythms is recommended. Other features, such as USB connection, MIDI compatibility, and automatic accompaniment are also a bonus. These kinds of features inspire creativity and make practice time more fun!

If the instrument at home is an upright/grand piano, please make sure that it is properly in tune. Digital instruments do not generally require tuning.