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    Junior Music Course: Tips for Parents

    Parents, please remember:


    In class…

    1. Try to arrive early and motivate your child for the lesson.
    2. Set the example. Listen, sing, and play along with your child in class.
    3. Avoid repeating the teacher’s instructions. We want to develop an environment where each child learns to listen carefully to instructions.
    4. Assist your child with hand shape and finding keys, but do not manipulate fingers. Point to keys and play along. Don’t do the work for them! If playing is too difficult in class, participate by singing.
    5. It is not necessary to point to the notes in the book while your child is playing. In the first two years of JMC, reading is best developed separately from playing. Your child will learn to read through Workbook assignments, watching the DVD, and other in-class activities. Practice reading at home by pointing & singing instead.
    6. Be mindful of other students in the class. If your child becomes disruptive or uncooperative, please take him/her out of the class for a bit.

    At home…

    1. You – not a sibling or another teacher – should practice with your child. Only you are aware of what was covered in class, and the proper methodology for practicing at home.
    2. Children learn best through consistency and repetition. Establish a set time every day for home practice, at a time when your child will be alert and excited for music – not tired, hungry, or distracted. Some children prefer to practice in the morning. Run through each activity multiple times to solidify concepts, and isolate difficult sections of music for thorough practice.
    3. Always sing & play simultaneously. This will help remind your child of the notes, and develop the ear.
    4. Create an evnrionment where music is appreciated. Listen to all kinds of music at home and in the car. Attend musical performances. Encourage your child to perform for friends & family.
    5. If you are unsure about an activity or assignment, email your teacher!

    The foundation we lay now will impact your child for life.