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TINIEST MUSICIANS: Tiny Tunes is an enriching musical experience specifically designed for the two year-old student. The course allows children to explore the world around them through music, movement, and creative play.

Parent and child attend the lessons together where they will bond through music. Tiny Tunes will lay the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment!

Tiny Tunes develops:

  • Speech
  • Listening Skills
  • Body Awareness
  • Spatial Relationships

Musical activities include:

  • Lyric Song Singing
  • Vocal Games
  • Rhythmic Speech and Movement
  • Rhythm Instruments

Students in Tiny Tunes will experience an assortment of musical styles including: classical, folk, jazz, traditional, contemporary, and original music composed specifically for the course.

Tiny Tunes places emphasis on the enjoyment of music. The music experience helps to nurture the development of coordination skills, language, social interaction, and creativity.

Quick Facts

Lesson Format

  • 30 minute sessions each week

Parent Attendance

  • mandatory; a parent or caregiver attends each lesson


  • one booklet per term
  • rhythm instruments are supplied