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Yamaha Philosophy

Age-Appropriate Instruction

All of our students are placed in courses that have been specifically designed with their physical & intellectual capabilities in mind. A 4 year-old learns very differently than an 8 year-old — so why use one method for all? Thanks to thoroughly researched and continuously updated curricula, we’re able to achieve maximum results. From the approach right down to the textbooks and pieces they’ll learn, each course is designed to inspire.

Comprehensive Programs

Would you rather be a “piano player” or a “musician”? While our students learn to master an instrument, they also learn to be well-rounded musicians. Each lesson develops not only the fingers, but the ear, the mind, and the imagination. Course areas include: performance, ear-training, rhythm training, harmony, improvisation & composition, reading & writing, and music theory. These skills will help ensure that they’ll be able to enjoy music for life.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a great source of motivation, particularly for the young beginner. They also allow for a complete musical experience: students learn to play ensemble which deepens their understanding of phrasing, balance, and rhythm. A parent is present at every class, to ensure proper follow-up at home. Older students will have the opportunity to meet from time to time for ensemble “jam” sessions.

Focus on Creativity

It’s important to know how to play others’ music, but even more valuable to play your own. Through activities such as active listening and movement, improvisation and composition, our students not only learn to hear the music, but to feel it! Music is a language, and we hope to help you and your child eventually express your own ideas.